Things That Are Less Than Ideal: Rogers Place In Edmonton Is Currently Flooded

Does humanity need an enforcer right now? Because I think someone needs to jump over the boards, drop their mitts, pull the jersey over 2020's head and just bury this godforsaken year with uppercuts. I mean holy shit, bud. We think the NHL dodged a bullet by putting both the hub cities for the playoffs in Canada so the boys can get away from the US where we've been handling the virus like a bunch of fucking pigeons, and then this happens? Water just pouring into the arena? I know we're still a couple weeks away from the restart but this just seems like a sign. It's like 2020 just hacked us behind the knees like Wolf "The Dentist" Stansson did to Gordon Bombay. Didn't intend to seriously injure us but just send a very clear message to back the fuck off. 

I also wouldn't be surprised if Gary Bettman figured out how to control the weather and now he's doing everything possible to ruin the Oilers' chances of advancing in the play-in. Knock them out right away and send Lafreniere to play on the wing with McDavid. Goddamn Gary, that greasy bastard. I just hope the water doesn't make its way to the equipment room. Nothing worse than having to toss on some soaking wet gloves.