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Dan Snyder Has Officially Lawyered Up


Boy this is some week, eh? Little by little by little, things get more and more interesting. And we're all just sitting around waiting for the Washington Post to drop their nuke. We know basically what it is about- organizational sexism/misogyny/abuse. There are rumors of drug-fueled parties, prostitution, etc. We don't know the details. And the longer we wait for this article to drop, the more rampant the rumors spread. I've gotten countless DM's about "my friend's dad's lawyer is in a group chat with someone in the Redskins front office" type things. This is the longest movie trailer for a newspaper article we've ever had. Everyone knows it's coming, but nobody knows the details. And now it looks like Danny Boy is lawyering up to review the team's culture. Uhhh, I think it's too little, too late my guy, seems like the Washington Post already did that work for you. And we'll find out what everyone is talking about sooner or later.