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Houston Astros Pitching Coach Brent Strom Feels They Were Cheated Out Of The 2019 World Series Because Of a Missed Strike Call....Hmmmm

Ah nothing like a guy who cheated his way to his first World Series ring, complaining about being cheated out of his second. Way to read the room Brent Strom! The Houston Astros blatantly stole signs and told their batters what pitch was coming for YEARS, meanwhile this motherfucker wants to bitch and moan about a blown strike call that he claims changed everything in Game 7 last year. One missed call with the bases empty changed everything! Yeah no one has ever been the victim of a bad strike call in the World Series. Nah only the Astros! Poor Houston, they never catch a break. Not once. Hey maybe don't warm up Gerrit Cole eight times and refuse to bring him in when he's ready to go. If Cole starts the 7th inning the Astros are the current defending champs. Maybe win one game at home during the series. It has nothing to do with a missed strike call where your pitcher missed his spot with the catcher setting up outside. Nope, it's Houston against the world. 

Strom is so butt hurt about this missed call he has it as his SCREEN SAVER???? What an asshole. There actually is not a single likable thing about the Houston Astros now that Gerrit Cole is off the team. Trying to paint themselves as the victims here is so out of this world delusional I almost have to respect it. I can't imagine the size of Brent Strom's balls to be able to complain about this publicly in JULY. Fuck this guy. Every now and then the world is ready to move on from the Astros bullshit and then someone like Strom pulls this kind of stunt. They are the gift that keeps on giving.