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What Are The Blackhawks Chances Against Edmonton If Corey Crawford Is Out?

BIG time hockey episode of Redline Radio this week with special guest and analytics expert, Mike Kelly. 

When the series was announced I talked myself into the Blackhawks winning the series. I LOVED the series price at +140. You look at the match up and convince yourself that Toews matching up against Draisaitl with Keith on the blue line and Murphy and deHaan against McDavid would allow the Hawks to slow down Edmonton enough 5 on 5 to make it competitive. Then you tell yourself that it's the playoffs. The refs will swallow their whistle a bit like they always do and that alone will even things out because Edmonton wouldn't be able to cash in on their historically good power play. Give me Toews, Kane, Keith and Crawford and I will always feel good in a short series. Now that Crawford is out...

 Without Crawford reality quickly sets in that these stats matter...A LOT

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 9.11.41 AM.png

Being dead fucking last in everything is BAD and not good. Crawford and Lehner covered up a lot of warts this year with unbelievably strong goaltending against high quality chances every single shift pretty much. Without Crawford the Hawks, in a word, are "fucked". 

You guys know me by now. You know that I will always go down with the team. I will hold on to hope a few positives for dear life, but without Crow, the Hawks are in major trouble. 

Silver lining...12.5% chance at this dude.