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Guy Who Owes $18,000 In Parking Tickets Cuts All The Tickets Up Into Little Pieces And Sends Them Back

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Lincolshire- A Lincolnshire driver has racked up almost £14,000 of parking debts after ignoring more than 140 tickets. Scampton man David Lee’s bill is one of the highest ever recorded in the UK – and was built up after he repeatedly broke rules, often by parking in disabled spaces. He has already been served with four county court judgments totalling more than £3,000 by Leeds-based firm UK Car Park Solutions. Now the firm intends to issue a further £10,000 worth of charges before the courts, as well as costs. It comes after the motorist was served with more than 140 tickets across Lincoln’s car parks in just over a year. The total bill is higher than that racked up by footballer Mario Balotelli, who was hit with nearly £10,000 in parking fines. Mr Lee’s vehicle, a Ford Mondeo, was often ticketed for being parked across disabled bays. Unpaid and damaged parking tickets were also left on the car’s dashboard, with a notice labelling the Leeds firm as “UK Car Park Scammers” and another claiming that the charges were unenforceable. Steve Hall, UKCPS legal manager, said: “This is one of the highest parking charge debts to be served on a single motorist in the UK for parking on private land. “Four of the undefended county court judgements amount to £3,265, with an additional £10,000 still to be issued. The vehicle was often parked across more than one bay. On many occasions, the charges were for parking out of marked bays and without authority. “The vehicle dashboard was clearly visible for all passing people to see, scattered with unpaid parking tickets. “UKCPS have had letters returned to us by Mr Lee after being cut up into small pieces.


Love this guy’s style.  Oh you’re gonna send me a bunch of worthless parking tickets that I don’t want to pay?  Then I’m going to take a bunch of time outta my day, cut them all up into a little bitty pieces and send them back to you.  Anyone who goes through that much trouble and effort in order to spite somebody is a friend of mine.  Fuck parking tickets and speeding tickets.  Here in Cedar Rapids where I live there’s about a million speed traffic cameras on the highway.  There’s literally one every two feet.  It’s a fucking racket.  You get used to them after awhile but I got a whole bunch of them when they first installed them.  I was just speeding down the highway in my 2009 (that’s right, 2009) Chevy Cobalt without a care in the world, wing blowing through my luxurious hair, while a bunch of cameras took pictures.  They send you that stupid picture of your car and license plate and tell you to send them $75 or whatever.  I wish I had done what this guy did and sent them back a confetti version of the ticket.

I’ll take it a step further though.  This guy should never have even opened his mail.  If Roger Goodell taught us anything yesterday it’s that you should never check the mail.  Never ever.  Would Goodell be in better shape right now had he checked the mail?  Sure but that doesn’t make it any less scary.  Same goes for all my bills.  I stopped checking the mail a long time ago. It’s the easiest and most streamlined way to avoid any of those pesky problems like student loans and collection agencies.  Outta sight, outta mind.  Works every time.  My pay check gets direct deposited into my account and that’s all I need.  Everything else is just noise.  In 100 years we’ll all be dead and all of those bills and debts won’t even matter, right?  Having a good credit score is overrated.  Fucking YOLO.


PS- That’s not completely true.  I still get packages in the mail.  For instance, I got one of those new Barstool hoodies in the mail today.  Softest most comfortable fucking thing in the world.  You can get one here.