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Rudy Gobert, Who Acted Like A Jackass And Was The Reason Sports Shut Down, Is The Last Person Who Should Call The Snitch Hotline 'Petty'

This fucking guy. I never thought I'd feel about Rudy Gobert one way or another, but this guy is really starting to piss me off even more. Just to be clear, this is the same jackass who thinks the NBA snitch hotline is petty. The guy who decided coronavirus was a joke and rub his entire hands over every microphone

The guy who rubbed the face of all of his teammates after they had a team meeting about the seriousness of coronavirus. The guy who literally shut down the NCAA Tournament: 

Maybe just sit this one out, Rudy. Maybe worry about keeping your relationship with the Jazz okay. I need someone to just start snitching on Gobert via the hotline. Use this as ammo to tear the Jazz apart. We know they already came after Dwight Howard. 

Now come after Gobert. I want snitches left and right with every possible complaint. Say he was dribbling too late, file a noise complaint. Say he was just outside of the line. Say he wasn't wearing a mask. Whatever. It's time for us to get back at Rudy for ruining sports by being a jackass.