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Kevin Malone Breaking Down The Chili Scene Has Me Thinking He's The Greatest Actor Of Our Generation

[Page Six] - He continued, “I think it is funny. There’s the physicality of it that’s funny.  But I also do think it’s sad, and so in that way, it makes sense that it’s a nice big moment for Kevin. On the other hand, did I realize that it would potentially supersede every other moment in the show?  No, I had no idea.”

Amazingly, the scene only took one take to film.

“This is going to sound weird, but it’s an incredibly different thing to film. I’m holding a pot of chili that weighs a lot right? It is very heavy,” he said. “I know I’m going to spill it. I have to spill it. But having to do that in a way that you buy [it] — I mean I’m tremendously proud of how … that was one take.

I know his name is Brian Baumgartner, but he's Kevin Malone. Not only that but he may just be the best actor of our generation. Look at how he breaks down the scene and talking about Kevin as a whole. He nails it and it comes across that way. There's something hilarious and sad about Kevin - remember what Holly said to him right off the bat? 

But we all know this scene. It's one of the most iconic scenes not just for The Office but for that era of TV. We all can close our eyes and picture Kevin explaining how he makes the chili, how he carries it in and drops it immediately. 

Knocking that out in one take and nailing it? Give that man every award out there. That can't be easy. Like he said, that shit was heavy! You gotta get the realistic aspect of it along with being Kevin. That's not easy to do. That's why Brian Baumgartner is the greatest actor of our generation. I'd like to see Hanks or Leo or anyone else try and do this scene. Bet they can't. 

I know The Office has been off the air for quite some time, but it's still talked about for a reason. It's the ultimate, put on and just don't worry about a thing show. You don't need to think. You can have it on in the background. You can just zone out yet still laugh. 

And yeah Kevin makes my favorite Office characters list. I'd go:

5. Daryl

4. Dwight 

3. Creed

2. Kevin Malone

1. Michael Scott

Ryan first one cut. 

PS: You can check out his podcast here on Spotify.