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Georgia Police Make a Big Whoopsie After Discovering Body by Train Tracks

Allenhurst, GA is a small town of about 700 people in the southeastern corner of the state where not a lot of crime happens, and probably the worst they see is a little clepto fat kid stealing a candy bar every week.  But when something big does happen, you better believe it's the talk of the town.  

On Tuesday, Officers of the Liberty County Sheriff's department made a discovery that will most certainly be the talk of the town...forever.  

A dead body, fully dressed and on its' stomach, was discovered on the side of the lone rail track that runs through the almost mile and a quarter large town.  With a tremendous lack of experience dealing with this sort of crime, Officers took every precaution, presumably that they've learned from years of watching CSI Miami down at the station, and waited for the Coroner to arrive before touching the corpse.  It wasn't until then, that officers flipped the body to look for injuries and other telling signs of death, only to reveal an "anatomically correct" sex doll.  

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I can only imagine the reactions after 4 cops who have never seen a dead body in their lives, drew straws for who has to touch the body, and when one finally got down to flip it over, probably with his flashlight or a stick, he gets slammed with a whiff of latex, silicon and dried jizz and most certainly, instant embarrassment.  

The local detective said he's never seen anything like this before, and there's no telling whether an investigation will be conducted or not.  

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