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The Actor Who Played The Night King Wishes That The White Walkers Ended Up Murdering Everyone In The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones

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NME- Game of Thrones actor Richard Brake has said he wishes the show ended with The Night King killing everyone. Brake, who played the show’s antagonist until season six when a scheduling conflict meant the part had to be recast, explained that he was still happy, however, with the way Game of Thrones ended for his character. “I wanted him to wipe everyone out, I was hoping for that,” Brake told NME. “But you can’t always get what you want!”

Wow, what an interesting take of thinking that the terrifying undead monsters that were ruthless killers in the opening scene of the enter series and were spoke of in hushed tones as as unstoppable evil that could take over the world should cause some sort of destruction that mattered? Wild. I won't even accuse Dick Brake (haha) of North coast bias for wanting to see the White Walkers run a train on Westeros considering he was the leader of that crew since I think everyone wanted to see some sort of pay off to 8 seasons of being the boggeymen of the show. Killing a few crows, butchering some wildlings, and bringing an ice dragon back to life are cool and all. But I don't think any of that is worthy of the hype the White Walkers got the entire time.

Even when the White Walkers stacked up bodies in the Battle of Winterfell, you can make a case they put up hollower numbers than Blake Bortles' 2015 season where he threw all those garbage time touchdowns. How do you invade a city full of main characters and the biggest names you take down are a dickless Theon, a guy who died a half dozen times in Beric Dondarrion, and sad sack Jorah who probably died on purpose in the ultimate last ditch effort into Khaleesi's pants good graces, and a bunch of Dothraki that literally charged directly into your icicle swords? Oh yeah I can't forget about my girl Lyanna Mormont considering she was probably the most bad ass out of the crew despite being a 10-year-old girl. The White Walkers doing anything less than doing to Westeros what General Sherman did to Atlanta would've been a disappointment. Which is why them not even making it out of THE NORTH despite an entire army of undead soldiers that also included multiple giants and a motherfucking ice dragon is such a disappointment. And not just because that army didn't include Chekhov's Ice Spiders like that bag of bones Old Nan promised but because all their scenes just seem like a giant waste of time. To be clear, this is me NOT me still being mad about the way Game of Thrones ended more than a year after it finished. Nope, not mad one bit!

I will say, I had absolutely no problem with Arya being the one who took down the Night King because of the whole nobody can kill death and she was a nobody. Plus the score, the cinematography and a whole bunch of other fancy film terms I don't truly understand made the entire sequence by far the best part of the episode, albeit an episode I could barely see most of the time.

Would it have killed Jon Snow to at least be in the same zip code when that happened after years of build up? I guess. But in the end, Jon Snow was just the Houston Rockets of Thrones. Lots of build up and hype with great numbers in a tough conference but could never put it together in the big games. Okay, I'm getting definitely not mad again. Lets watch a bunch of bars celebrate The Night King getting stuck with the pointy end.

UPDATE: I took a couple of pain meds before writing this blog that may be starting to hit because I just had a thought that maybe the entire point of the White Walkers was to show that in the end, humans are more destructive than even the purest of evil considering what Khaleesi did to King's Landing only a couple of episodes after the White Walkers kicked the bucket. That's probably just the meds talking though. Anyway, knowing what we know now, I really wish Season 8 aired in 2020 just because watching that car wreck unfold in slow motion over six weeks while all of us had nothing else to watch while in quarantine would've fit right in with everything else this year.