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Dwight Howard Claims Someone In The Bubble Called The Snitch Line On Him For Not Wearing A Mask

I would say this is fair. First, just wear a mask. Feel like we shouldn't have to keep saying that, but I'd like to watch sports again, so wear a fucking mask. This is especially true if you're, you know, an NBA athlete, living in a bubble trying to get ready for these new playoffs. Second, it's Dwight Howard. He's not exactly the most beloved person in the league. So if you see Dwight Howard walking around without a mask on, you call the snitch line. 

Honestly, I just want more of this. I want people to start calling the snitch line and more importantly I want the person getting snitched on to be notified. I've said it before but we've still got time until games actually start, so I need bubble life to live up to the hype. I need fights, I need squabbles, I need people calling in Instagram models from LA. And I most certainly need the snitch hotline being used. 

 Don't get me wrong, this is actually a good use of the hotline, but start giving me the better stories here. I need to know that someone from the Lakers called on Kawhi because he was close to the line in order to get his food delivered. I need shit like that to really get this cranking up to where it needs to be. Remember, Dwight was just wandering around at a party by himself

I still can't believe we were given a Lakers team competing for a title in a bubble with guys like LeBron, Dwight, Kuzma, JR Smith, JaVale and Dion Waiters. What a goddamn time for cameras to be rolling 24/7. Just give us the Real World: NBA Bubble already and fuck it, I'd buy it to watch.