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In Classic 2020 Fashion, Minka Kelly Is Teaming Up With Carole Baskin To Save a Tiger From a Zoo

Page Six

The latest roadside zoo that has caught the attention of “Tiger King” nemesis Carole Baskin also has actress Minka Kelly concerned.

The “Friday Night Lights” star, whose character, Lyla, shares the same name but a different spelling from the balding tiger in trouble at the Waccatee Zoo in South Carolina, penned a letter to owners Kathleen and Jeff Futrell begging them to release their exotic cat to a wildlife sanctuary.

Before we into the meat of the blog, can we talk about that headline from the NY Post? It's maybe the most confusing thing I've ever read. I genuinely wouldn't know if Minka and Baskin are fighting each other here or teaming up against a zoo without clicking and reading the actual article. I guess good job because it did get me to click, but we got to be better with our headlines people. That's just insane. 

Now to the story, Minka Kelly is upset and that's all that matters to me. I could give two flying fucks what's bothering Carole Baskins these days, but it appears they're both going after a zoo that is holding a balding tiger in poor conditions. As a balding mammal myself I feel for this tiger and also want him released to a sanctuary where he can be free to roam as he may please. We are of the same blood and so we must look after each other. If I were in grave danger I'm sure he would race to my side and defend me. That's the code. 

I just would never imagine reading something where Minka Kelly and Carole Baskin are fighting for the same justice. Two of the most random people I can think of to be teaming up, but hey that's 2020 for you. 

I hope Minka Kelly gets what she wants because she's a queen and deserves whatever she pleases. All time smoke.