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Jack Nicklaus Accidentally Sent Justin Thomas A Congratulatory Text After JT Holed That 50-Foot Putt In The Playoff

Whoops! Can you really blame Jack though? As much I wanna say this is something my Dad would do, whomst among us thought Morikawa was gonna make that putt? I'd argue 0% of us thought it was gonna drop after Justin Thomas drilled that 50-foot BOMB. I don't know what the percentages are but Jack weighed the odds and figured there was a very very small chance Morikawa was gonna hit that putt and he pressed send. Oops. It happens. I will say, there's nothing worse than writing a blog or sending a tweet right before getting on a plane, hitting that 10,000-feet mark where the wifi kicks in and seeing a bunch of notifications. I've never done anything too bad but that rush of notifications is pure distilled anxiety. So in that way I can sorta relate to what Jack Nicklaus did (this is the one and only time I will ever be able to type that sentence).

On a related note, how crazy do you think it is for a guy like JT to be getting text messages from Jack Nicklaus? Maybe not so much anymore but still that has to never be totally normal. Same thing has to be true when JT gets texts from Tiger. It's just gotta be so strange. And yeah JT is obviously a great golfer in his own right but having a text pop up from Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods has to be just a little weird every time. What a cool life.