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These "Slang" Terms for Coffee Are Definitely Fake, Right?

So I'm working on a little undisclosed project coming up and for some research I did a search of different phrases for "coffee" when I came across an entire page of over 100 different names for "coffee". 

Of course you have your usuals - "Joe", "latte", "espresso", hell even "breakfast of champions" I'm sure has been uttered by the pot a time or two at the office. 

But a majority of these had me thinking this "thesaurus" has to have the same feature as Wikipedia because only someone who thought they were clever enough to spend the time coming up with these would go in and add them themselves.

"Running latte"...? There's no shot anyone has ever used this in an actual setting that's not your pops dropping a dad bomb on the family group text when your sister is late for dinner because she's grabbing starbucks. 

"Big Booty": Literally no correlation. The thesaurus must have just slipped a few of these in there to see if anyone was paying attention, or maybe they really are trying to get the ball moving on grabbing some "big booty" in the morning. Guess it could make sense in that context. Just have to use it very carefully. 

"Beanmaster flip": Sounds like an 80's MC that'd make a 6-minute long EP with a funky beat based around the pour of the coffee into the cup. 

"Starbizzy": Obviously slang for "Starbucks" here and you know it belongs to the WORST group chat of college girls whose dad's have greying hair and go to a lot of conventions out of town while mom sits by the pool with a mojito. 

"Fart pipe": Perhaps two of the least appealing words in the english language put together. Definitely makes me want to go grab a hot cup. 

"Riding the bean": I actually don't hate this one despite the overtly sexual overtones that would immediately come to mind for everyone. Could be great in context of a hangover or just having to get up super fuckin' early after a late night. How ya doin man? "Ahhh ridin' the bean this morning". How was he this morning? "You could tell it was a late night. He was definitely riding the bean". It works really well, but again "riding" and "bean" combined could definitely cause an issue if mentioned to a female co-worker. 

There's a shit ton more obviously. These were just a few that really stood out to me. I think at the end of the day simply going with "coffee" when asking for coffee should still be the standard.