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Breaking Down The $2,000 Wisconsin Bar Tab Travis Diener Had To Pay After Drilling A $1 Million Game-Winning Three

So this is one of my favorite stories going on right now - mostly because there is minimal else happening in sports and Travis Diener is awesome. Last night was the final of TBT with a million bucks on the line. Diener made a promise to a Wisconsin bar that if Golden Eagles (Marquette alumni team) won, he'd cover the tab. Well, because sports are fucking awesome, guess who hit the game-winning three: 

And the man lived up to his word. That's the point of this blog. We gotta break down the $2,000 bar tab - which I know doesn't sound like a lot, but we're talking a Tuesday in Wisconsin. That's pretty damn impressive:

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 11.43.00 AM.png

First off, this is a very Wisconsin tab. Just a bunch of beer, even if it's not as much as I expected to see, it's practically a beer tab. But then look at the pricing. This is where living in the midwest has its perks. $4.25 for Patron! FOUR DOLLARS AND TWENT FIVE CENTS. That's so outrageous that our good friend Mak - who has been a bartender in Kentucky thinks it's cheap: 

Then you go to the last line - of course it's $2 Fireballs. I like to assume this entire bill was just 15 people in Wisconsin partying their ass off. Gotta end the night with $2 Fireballs. Feels like that's just way this night went, especially when you see Diener's dad celebrating the game-winner: 

Shocked he just didn't go right to the bar. Speaking of the bar, sneaky charging people for water. Don't hate that move though - we're talking Wisconsin again. You want water? Drink a light beer. That's what I assume most people in Wisconsin believe anyways. I need to know the people that ordered the 4 Sutter Homes though. Sneaky love that order in the mix of 1,000 beers being ordered. 

Either way, just an awesome story when you consider Diener is 38 and this is likely his last ever competitive shot with money on the line. Always loved watching that dude at Marquette and tearing up C-USA back in the day. Plus, the man enjoys a beer, need to have a beer with him now.

PS: This gotta be a top-1 press conference feeling ever right? $93,000 isn't a small chunk of change: