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"Don't Fly That LA Work Out" - Spencer Dinwiddie Had Some Interesting Advice For Players In The Bubble

As we've seen over the last week or so, some players are dealing with the bubble life better than others. You have some that are doing nothing but complaining about the rooms and the food, and then other guys like Giannis who are humble and appreciative. It's an adjustment of course to their normal millionaire lives, so of course Spencer Dinwiddie was willing to offer some advice on how to handle this new normal, at least for the time being.

I have to say though, 50% of his "advice" or "message" was pretty terrible. First and foremost, #1. Don't call the snitch hotline? Fuuuuuuuuck that. This weird environment is all about finding a competitive advantage. If someone on a contender or really any player is going to be stupid and break the rules, I have no problem snitching. It's not worth the risk of bringing in the rona to the bubble, but also with no homecourt advantage in Orlando you need to find any advantage you can get. If that means dropping a dime on someone so they have to miss a game, it's all fair game in my opinion. Mental warfare like you read about, so Dinwiddie isn't off to a great start there.

His second point I agree with. Eat the goddamn bubble food. They are partnered with a ton of high end restaurants, risking it all for some Wendy's or whatever isn't worth it. Richaun Holmes, we're looking at you

Now #3, this might be the most important one. Don't fly in that LA work. You know what he's saying. Unfortunately someone (prob Montrezl Harrell) is already doing his best to not listen to this advice.

This is obviously going to be the biggest issue the longer we go in this bubble life. Guys are going to be putting out the bat signal and finding a way to sneak girls in. Fly them in from wherever for a nice little extended stay. It wouldn't shock me if some agents found a way to get them some Disney Employee uniforms or badges or something. The higher caliber the player the more extreme they'll go to keep them happy. You know it, I know it, we all know it. But for the sake of the season actually finishing and everyone getting the most anticipated playoffs in forever, don't fly the work in.

And finally, the fourth message. I'm sorry Spencer but the Brooklyn Nets are very much not coming for anyone. I'm not even totally sure they actually have a roster for Orlando. He heard how Beasley tested positive and had to leave Orlando right? Chances are they are going to drop to the 8 seed which means this man is waiting for them

They might mercy rule that series after the first two games. You lose all credibility when it comes to your advice ending with a statement like that. I don't know what else Dinwiddie should have said, but now everyone is laughing at you as they cross the bubble line to pick up their delivery while also pressing confirm on that Southwest flight from LA to Orlando. 

Sadly, I don't think anyone is going to listen to a word Dinwiddie said, but at least he tried.