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YEAH, SCIENCE (Again): Study Says Having Sex At Least Once A Week Helps You Live Longer And The More Sex You Have The Better

[Source] - Researchers found regular romps are linked to lower odds of dying from cancer, heart disease and other illnesses. They say a workout between the sheets is equivalent to “moderate intensity” exercise and has similar health benefits.

Scientists quizzed 15,269 adults with an average age of 39 on their sex lives and tracked them for up to 11 years.

The more sex someone had the lower their risk of dying, the Washington University researchers found.

Big couple days for science. BIG couple of days. Yesterday we had this yeah, science from Clem: 

And yeah that's for sure the bigger yeah, science news. We're talking about saving lives here. But now we all - guys, girls, whomever - have a reason to have more sex. Saving lives, baby. One thing you probably never thought of when having sex, because typically you're using things to prevent life, but now we're saving lives baby! 

I always love studies like these. Imagine someone following you around and documenting your sex life for 11 years. Do you know how long 11 years is? That's a lot of sex or no sex depending what side you fall in here. It does always make me laugh thinking that there are people that go to school for like 8 years just to do this study. Your entire life and school has led to you doing 'sex helps you live longer' study. Feel like that's pretty basic. But you also know next month a study will come out saying too much sex will make you die. 

So congrats ladies and fellas, you just got a free pick up line. Gotta have sex to help you live longer and need someone to help you save your life and their life. Win-win as we like to call it here. My only counterpoint is Wilt apparently had sex with 10,000 people and he only lived until he was 63. So where's the math there?