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Tyler the Creator Fans

Tyler the Creator has been around for what feels like forever now. Recently within the last few years he has gone from being a popular rapper to being one of the most popular musicians in the world averaging over 11 million monthly listeners on Spotify and winning his first ever Grammy award at the 2020 Grammy's. 

Tyler the Creator has an extremely cult like fan base. Something that I have noticed over the years with his somewhat recent increase in popularity is the classic beef between the old fans and the new fans. Old Tyler the Creator fans hate his new fans. They think they are fake fans and don't appreciate the music as much because they haven't been listening to Tyler for as long them. This is basically just the classic "name five songs" mindset where the old fan calls out the new fan for being fake.

Honestly I could shit on this mindset of hating "fake fans" or "new fans" but I think I am definitely guilty of this too. Being a fan of anything in the beginning and then seeing it explode with popularity and seeing people around you suddenly become a fan of it too can suck a lot because for some reason it feels more personal and sacred when less people know about it. It's definitely a weird mindset but I think it makes sense.

Here is my impression of an old passive aggressive Tyler the Creator fan: