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Wake Up With A Shit Ton Of Awesome Blocks

As we inch closer and closer so the restart that means we're going to keep out countdowns rolling and today we're talking blocks. Nothing like a quality swat in my opinion, doesn't matter if it's a chase down block, a challenge at the rim, someone closing out hard and blocking a three, they all play. With how ridiculous the talent is in the league right now, we're getting these type of outrageous plays from pretty much every position. Point guards are meeting wings at the rim, power forwards are blocking shit on the perimeter, people often talk about how much the game as evolved on the offensive end, but the athleticism we're seeing on the defensive end is no joke.

The point is, let this countdown get your blood pumping because I don't know if you've looked recently but we're 15 days out. Two weeks! Let's fucking go.