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Over An Hour Of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Bloopers? Sign Me Up

It is no secret to anyone who has read anything of mine on this site that I am a huge Always Sunny fan. I think 90 percent of my brain at this point is quotes from the show. There are worse skills to have, probably. A few nights ago, while looking for a power hour playlist on YouTube, I stumbled upon this absolute gem. While it isn't the traditional power hour setup, it still plays. 

My biggest revelation after watching this is that I honestly have absolutely NO idea how they make it through any scene. The writing of the show is hilarious enough, but once you see how many of the random interjections and lines are off the cusp and catch everyone in the scene off guard, I truly do not know how they do it.

Also, this "Start breaking bricks wet nips blululululu" line by Liam McPoyle may have given me the hardest laugh in months. Enjoy, everyone.