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Someone Called Security On Jimmy Butler To File A Noise Complaint Because He Was Dribbling In His Room Too Late At Night

Outside of someone inviting Ugly Anna into the bubble within a week, this is the least shocking thing in the world. Listen, I love Jimmy Butler. I think he's a damn good player and his story is awesome. But no one and I mean no one loves to prove they work hard as much as Jimmy. Remember this story? 

I like to think this went to the snitch line. The Heat are in the same hotel as the Bucks, Lakers, Clippers, Raptors, Celtics, Nuggets and Jazz. You're telling me LeBron isn't calling and complaining about Jimmy not respecting Zero Dark Thirty 23? You're telling me you can't see Kyle Lowry losing his shit over this. I could see Kyle Lowry absolutely losing his shit over the dribbling. He's a dad, he just wants some peace and quiet in this hotel. 

At the same time part of me loves this. Anyone that has ever played basketball has gotten in trouble for dribbling in the wrong spot at the wrong time, typically at your parents house. You just dribble and dribble and then fake shoot into a hoop. But it also further proves what I thought about this Disney experience. This is just Five Star but with millionaires. They are having a camp and it sounds awesome. Sure, you can't leave, but you get to golf, you get to have delicious food, you hang out with friends and you get peace and quiet from your kids? Sign me up.