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Seventy Smooches: LSU Sweeps Ole Miss, Auburn in Final Back-to-Back Set of Gus Duggerton's Career

After a day off, Gus Duggerton and the LSU Tigers returned to action tonight for what would be the last Duggleheader of the big man's career. This evening, Ole Miss and Auburn were on the schedule for a pair of crucial SEC games. Let's recap how it all went down...

Game 1 - LSU 56, Ole Miss 37: In this game, we reunited with an old friend. Welcome back, Air Duggs!

We also saw a healthy dose of the ground game from LSU's offense as well...

And in the end, WR Bo Beaux closed things out with an electric highlight:

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Game 2 - LSU 72, Auburn 48: This would be known as the "Kiss Game." The stakes were simple. If LSU scored 70 points, PFT and Billy would have to kiss.

And in this game, the legend of Bo Beaux continued...

We also saw some stellar running from the backfield duo of Cam Sandwich and Cam Bone:

After Auburn made a couple of big runs to get back into the game, Duggs put the game away the best way he knows how. BURGER TIME!!!

And then... LOBSTER TIME!!!

And for the grand finale... the first ever SEVENTY SMOOCHER!!!

Which meant that PFT and Billy had to wrap the stream up with a kiss..

Next up for Duggs is the regular season finale tomorrow afternoon against Arkansas. A spot in the SEC Title Game is on the line in Fayetteville (4 PM ET). We'll see you then.