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Jacob deGrom Left Tonight's Intrasquad Game With Back Tightness, Which Definitely Doesn't Concern Me At All!

Start the SNY music and put up the bunting because Mets baseball is back baby! Those two tweets immediately erased all the coronavirus uncertainty and instantly put my brain in midseason form since this has happened the last two years:

1. Jacob deGrom goes down with a minor injury

2. Half of #MetsTwitter (myself included) freak the fuck out that our beloved Jake could be seriously hurt

3. Jacob deGrom ends up just fine before dominating the fuck of the National League on his way to a Cy Young Award

Tonight we were blessed enough to get video of deGrom leaving the mound after his discomfort.

Which has led to me and countless of my Chicken Little brethren breaking down that video of Jacob deGrom looking the slightest bit perturbed like the fucking Zapruder Film.

Can't wait until we get some sort of Metsiness added to this like someone saying deGrom's back was barking or that strep throat caused a tight back followed by us all screaming at the moon about how Jeff Wilpon allowed this all to happen. What we WON'T say is the no good, very bad S word like Franklin here.

I honestly don't care how many starts Jake could miss due to back tightness and how many starts that would be if you extrapolate it for a full season since everything is condensed in this fake ass corona season. Lets all pray these next few months (if they make it that far) go as quickly as possible so Uncle Stevie can save us from this mental warfare. 

Now lets all watch the greatest video ever created to make us all feel better.