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Wake Up With Torii Hunter Bringing Back A Barry Bonds Homer In The All Star Game

Last night was supposed to be the 91st MLB All Star Game. I was supposed to be watching John Means start the game for the AL, and it would have been wonderful. I dove down the rabbit hole of All Star moments from the last 20 years or so, and when I hit play on this one I knew this was the wakeup video. Barry Bonds at bat in the bottom of the first vs Derek Lowe and Bonds hits one far....he hits one deeeeeeeep, and Torii Hunter makes arguably the best play of his career. Rises high above the wall, with Ichiro watching him, and brings back the Bonds dong. Thing should have been well gone, but Hunter had other plans. It's a hell of a catch too, the wall jets inwards there is a patio type thing hanging overtop so that has to mess with the visuals and trying to track the ball. None of that bothers Hunter who brings it back. He tried to act all calm and cool, that was until he met Bonds on the infield and Bonds proceeded to try and throw Torii over his back. What a strange ASG this was too, Hunter making the catch you'd think would be the storyline, but both teams ran out of pitchers and the game ended in a tie! Shoutout Bud Selig for giving us that picture with both his hands up looking like a fool.