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After Travis Diener Promised To Buy Drinks For An Entire Wisconsin Bar If Marquette's Team Won TBT, He Drilled The Game-Winning Three

Travis Diener man. What a dude. First off, he didn't even sign himself up for TBT. He was signed up by other guys on the team because they called him the heart and soul of the squad. So what does he do? First off, he promised a Wisconsin bar drinks for free tonight if Golden Eagles won TBT: 

Oh and then he just went ahead and hit the game-winning three. Of course he did. Of course this was likely the last time he played too considering he's 38 years old and talked about hanging it up. He has the perfect old man game now too. There was no doubt about that shot being pure. You can't leave a shooter, who is now 38 year old in the short corner. 

And of course it was the game-winner for the Elam Ending. I still don't love the idea of putting that in regular games like a lot of people from Twitter suggest. It's perfect for this event and the NBA All Star Game. But, just stop saying that it's the only way to get entertaining games. This game was tied with 3:41 left before the Elam Ending kicked in. It's almost like most games that are tied with 3:41 to go - Elam Ending or not - end in an awesome way. 

My confession is I loved Travis Diener at Marquette. Absolutely loved him. If it wasn't for Jason Gardner I'd admit that he was the sole reason I wore higher socks while playing. The dude was just nails forever

Also shout out Sideline Cancer, the team that Golden Eagles beat. Obviously a great cause supporting the fight against cancer and some hometown guys for me on that roster led by Charlie Parker as head coach. Don't care that Fran called him the pride of York County one bit though. A little premature on that when we have John Kuhn and Bruce Arians there too, but I digress. 

Either way, long live Travis Diener and drink up Wisconsin.