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Kevin Kisner Tells A Great Story About Playing Against Dustin Johnson When They Were 14 Years Old In South Carolina

I could listen to our guy Kevin Kisner tell golf stories all day man. He's the best. He's a fantastic storyteller and just a funny guy to boot. Today was media day at the Memorial and Kis told that fantastic story about beating DJ at a junior golf tournament in South Carolina when they were 14 years old. The lesson from that story? Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good in golf (and just in life in general). Dustin Johnson can be (and is) an all-world golf talent and do all the right things but that doesn't matter when 14-year-old Kevin Kisner can skull a blind shot outta the trees and make it. It's also funny that DJ chirped him all those years later after winning in Memphis. The most surprising part of that story might be that DJ remembers something from 22 years ago because by all accounts he's a guy who can forget things that happened 22 minutes ago let alone 22 years ago. Anyway, great story from Kis. 

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