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Good Guy Shaquille O'Neal Pulled Over To Help A Lady Change A Tire And A Cop's Dash Cam Caught The Whole Thing On Tape

The Big Aristotle! Can't say I'd expect anything less, he is a cop after all. Shaq was sworn in as an 'Auxiliary Florida Sheriff's Deputy' in March of last year. 

Equally as impressive as Shaq pulling over to help was the fact that no one freaked out when they saw him. None of them even reacted they showed up and did their jobs, which has to be a HUGE relief for a guy like Shaq. He walked down 5th avenue once by the old office and you would've thought the Pope was in town. People were literally running out of stores to catch a glimpse of him. Poor guy. No good deed goes unnoticed, especially when it's on dash cam. I'm glad everything worked out for that lady and her family. They'll have a story to tell for years to come. Take it away, Chuck!