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Yasiel Puig Is Here to Make the Atlanta Braves Fun Again

Alright, let's do this thing.

The Braves were in pretty big need of a Big League bat and an extra outfielder — not to mention some good news — after Freddie Freeman's COVID-19 diagnosis and Nick Markakis's subsequent departure from the team and it appears they have found that in Yasiel Puig.

I know the pandemic changed everything, but I'm surprised Puig was still out there for the taking after putting up solid numbers in 2019. In 149 games between Cincinnati and Cleveland, he hit .267/.327.458 with 24 HR and 84 RBI. Those aren't MVP numbers, but they'll certainly get the job done in an outfield which already features Ronald Acuña, Marcell Ozuna, Adam Duvall and Ender Inciarte.

With the aforementioned guys the Braves already had on the roster, Puig figures to be a platoon guy and a great bench bat. And with the expanded rosters to start the season, you may as well take a chance and see what he's got — especially if Freeman is out for any appreciable amount of time.

Atlanta could have turned to superstar prospects Christian Pache and Drew Waters to help the Big League club out this year, but with only 60 games, it's probably better to go with an established Major Leaguer and not start either's service time just yet.

There was a lot of talk going into last season about how Josh Donaldson and the way he plays would fit into the Braves' clubhouse and he turned out to be a fantastic addition. Regardless of whatever Puig is able to give Atlanta on the field, he's going to bring some swagger and fun to the team and I think that's something it desperately needs right now.