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Shockingly The NBA Bubble Isn't THAT Bad According To Myles Turner

About time someone said it and thank GOD he's a member of the INDIANA Pacers. 

He makes valid points. 

The meals are eh I'm sure. Staying in a hotel room for that long would get plenty old, but at the end of the day it can't be that bad. I mean everyone was cooped up anyways. Now at least these guys get to be with their team and actually play some ball. On an "every man" scale this is tip-top living the life. 

And good for Myles for being real about it. The Rajon Rondo calling his exquisite Disney hotel room a "Motel 6" was hilariously annoying. It's funny that he would compare a setup like that to a Motel 6, and it's annoying, again, on the "every man" scale. 

Myles and the Pacers (hopefully Oladipo, too) just want to play basketball.