Dana White Is Looking At Properties & House Hunting In Abu Dhabi - Is Fight Island Here To Stay?

In a recent scrum with the media, UFC President Dana White was asked what he's thought of Fight Island thus far, and he revealed that he's been SO thrilled with the hospitality in Abu Dhabi (and how smoothly all operations have been running) that he's actually looking at properties out there! 

He went on to say this morning that he checked some houses/condos out this weekend, and hasn't found one yet, but he's definitely still getting one....

We knew the UFC was planning a return to Fight Island this Fall (after the events scheduled for the UFC Apex next month), but Dana seems to think they may have to stay out there for the rest of the year if shutdowns continue the way they're going here in the States. California just closed up shop again and there's some fear that may extend to Nevada. 

Beyond all of that, even, Dana said the UFC will probably be workin with Abu Dhabi on Fight Island for the rest of his career. 

I hope that means some tropical shit once fans are allowed back in arenas and all that, Uncle Dana! Not capitalizing on such an awesome opportunity to change the octagon aesthetic up a little is CRRAAAAZZZZYYYY to me! Give us some neon pink/teal octagon padding, make the canvas look like a sandy beach, build a clear dome above the cage so they're fighting in daylight, line the entranceway with palm trees - give us SOMETHING to differentiate this from the average arena! Please! I wanna be able to watch back a random Fight Island prelim ten years from now and know it took place on Fight Island immediately!

P.S. Could you imagine what a Dana White "condo" in Abu Dhabi looks like? 

I'm sitting in my mom's two bedroom condo in Jersey absolutely cracking up thinking about it. I bet it's triple the size of his so-called "office" and features the nicest view of the horizon over the water you've ever seen, with samurai shit everywhere, guns and cool paintings all over the walls - the whole nine. I hope we eventually get to see it.