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Coach Cal Said Top Transfer Olivier Sarr Hasn't Had His Waiver Approved Yet Because The NCAA Is 'Red-Flagging It Because It's Kentucky'

[KSR] - “There’s two pieces of this. We have an idea because every kid that leaves us is ruled eligible right away, so we know what it is,” the UK head coach said. “I’d say, these cases have to fall in like three different buckets. This bucket, that bucket, or this bucket to really be considered. Knowing that, I may have said some stuff on Stephen A. Smith that maybe got them mad and they’ll say, “Great, Sarr’s not eligible.” I don’t think they’d do that to a kid, but these cases, some are high profile. They’ll be more in-tune to because it’s a high profile case. Kids have left us before, so I have an idea of what the procedure is like.”

“What they do is they’ll red flag it because it’s Kentucky, it’s Olivier Sarr, who’s one of the best transfer players,” Calipari said. “They’ll want to make sure, “Let’s really make sure we have this right,” and it may take more time. I don’t think we’ll be treated any different, I know they don’t treat it any different than any other case. But it’s more of a high profile case so they’ll look at it [closer].”

Hmm, starting to think there's a valid point here. Olivier Sarr announced his transfer in early May and submitted the paperwork for a waiver right then and there. We've seen people all across college sports get approval for a waiver - look at J.T. Daniels at Georgia yesterday. But here we are with a top transfer deciding to go to Kentucky and no word either way yet. Always out to get Kentucky - just watch Coach Cal after Selection Sunday. 

And yeah, Olivier Sarr is that damn important to Kentucky's roster. The dude was a double-double guy at Wake Forest and you add experience and depth to the big man spot, where Kentucky doesn't have a ton of depth this year. Sarr is the exact type of big with his pick and roll, offensive rebounding ability that Kentucky needs with this roster. They need to keep the spacing with Keion Brooks at the 4 and not the 3 spot. Sarr helps with that. 

I'll tell ya in times like these it's tough to be a Kentucky fan. Knowing the NCAA is doing anything possible to hold back a great team while they turn a blind eye to Coach K's blatant cheating and UNC's obvious fake classes. Just gross. But really it just shows that we need to get rid of this stupid ass waiver process. One time transfer without having to sit out should be allowed ESPECIALLY if your coach gets fired/leaves. Sarr committed to play for Danny Manning and he got fired. Seems like a no-brainer. 

PS: This isn't even the most insulting thing today regarding Coach Cal. Can't believe people say his hair looks like shit. Looks like a 20 out of 10 to me. Need him to rock this look all season.