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The Twitch Chat Telling Me There's Someone Behind Me In Real Life While I'm Playing Resident Evil In The Dark Is So Unfathomably Mean

I love my chat. Usually we have good times talking about whatever fun topics may come our way while trekking through some COD, Five Nights At Freddy's, and Outlast. YET during these first few Resident Evil streams they've been doing the most dastardly deed I've ever seen- consistently telling me that there's someone behind me as I'm already scared shitless while being virtually chased by a family of half-human/half-zombies in the middle of a Louisiana Bayou. So YEAH- there's already enough on my plate...we don't talk need to bring real life scary shit in as well. I'll be on for Resident Evil tomorrow and Sunday so all I ask is it remain a PVO chat because frankly if a masked killer ever does come behind me during a stream the

ANYWAYS- It's now daylight & yesterday that came with some #TryoutTuesdays on COD before me and then joined by Kayla DeLancey with DJ Carnage for some stellar victories.  Holy moly what a QUEEN. 

Let's get after it some more, Lads.

Scary Balls OUT.