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If You Enjoy Basketball Documentaries Make Sure You Watch This New One From Jamal Crawford

Yup, sign me up. I've stated it before but I cannot get enough of this type of content. NBA players getting in front of the camera and telling their story is one of the best parts about living in 2020. I've basically written this blog every single time a player doc/interview/episode drops because every one always delivers. Whether it was the MJ Doc, the Derrick Rose doc, Boogie's documentary, Ron Artest's, the list goes on and on of ones we've had recently that were awesome. In fact, this weekend I watched Stephon Marbury's on Netflix which I blogged about back in January

and guess what? It was awesome. Highly recommend for anyone looking for something to watch on Netflix.

So you're damn right I'm excited about this documentary/interview with Jamal Crawford. He's not lying, his 19 seasons (20*) is tied for the 4th most in NBA history. Only 6 other players ever have played more seasons. If you count his time in the bubble with Brooklyn as a season he joins the 20 year club which is where Kobe and Kareem live. 

A 3x 6MOY, you could argue he's the greatest 6th Man ever, and for my money he's on the Mount Rushmore of best handles in NBA history. For those who didn't catch my blog on that back in May, my list is 

Kyrie Irving

Jamal Crawford

Allen Iverson

White Chocolate

But when you talk about Jamal Crawford he's more than just the microwave offense and elite handles. He's been an incredible ambassador for the game and what he's doing in the Seattle area is pretty awesome. 

I always did find it weird that it took the Nets losing their entire roster for someone to add Crawford this season. There are for sure teams in the league with worse options currently on their bench. He's not the perfect player, his defense isn't exactly what you would call "good", but he clearly showed he has basketball left in the tank to end the season last year. Yeah he's a little old but buckets are buckets. That's why as someone that enjoys watching him play I'm excited to see what he can do in the bubble. If he's still crossing up dudes that are half his age while in Orlando, that'd be pretty cool to see a 40 year old do. Remember how cool it was to see Vince Carter still get it done in spurts? Who knows, maybe he has a great run and finds a job somewhere next season. 

Either way, I know what I'm doing tonight at 7pm. If you're like me and you enjoy this type of content I just wanted to make sure you knew it was going down.