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Humble Giannis Has Zero Complaints About The NBA Bubble Life Because Of How Much Worse His Tiny Apartment In Greece Was While Living With His Four Brothers

Giannis Antetokounmpo is as must-watch as they come when it comes to playing basketball. Guy could take 3 steps from half court and he's dunking the ball in the hoop. His Bucks are a force and in a few weeks he'll be chasing his first NBA title. The part about Giannis I can't get enough of though has nothing to do with basketball. It's his view on life. You just won't find a more genuine fella in pro sports these days. Try to find one and they simply will not match up to him. I know I'm not your resident NBA guy, but when Giannis references back to how he grew up it always blows my mind and make me appreciate him that much more. 

What have you seen over the last week as NBA players entered the bubble in Orlando? Rajon Rondo said his room looked like he was staying at a Motel 6. LeBron compared it to going to jail. Others have bitched and moaned about the food. Here's Giannis response to the facilities and this new temporary life. 

As humble and appreciative as it gets. In case you aren't familiar with his story about living in Greece as a kid, there is a fantastic 60 minutes segment from a few years back that will melt your heart. You can watch that here, it is worth your time. 

In the segment Giannis talks about how him and his brothers used to have to peddle goods on the streets, selling CDs, DVDs, watches just to make enough money to survive. When they started to play basketball they were making $500 a month, but could barely afford their own shoes. One time Giannis recalls having to take off his shoes to give to his brother when he was checking out so his brother could put them on and play. Just insanity considering how unreal this guy is at basketball now. This quote he dropped during the interview will always stick with me. 

“Yeah it was tough, we didn’t have a lot of money but we had a lot of happiness so we weren’t broke on happiness.”

That's a guy who will never complain about a single thing in his new life. In reality these guys are in a hotel suite, playing basketball for a living with golf, a pool, free food, a gym, etc at his disposal. To the average guy like me it looks fucking awesome. your life consists of video games with your boys, golf, and playing basketball. The horror! Sure it's not normal life and it takes adjusting, but this hotel bubble life is not going to be a sweat for Giannis given what he's come from. LeBron is probably on the phone with Silver every night begging to let his chef, masseuse, stylist, and shoe-shiner come and live with him. Giannis is just happy to be there and wants to hoop. How can you not love him?