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WWE Hall of Fame Diva Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch is Back in Jail for About the 100th Time

Different legendary athletes handle their retirement years differently. It depends on the individual. Some are only too happy to fade into a quiet life of relative anonymity. Some miss the fame and adulation. Still others are indifferent, and simply move on with their lives. 

And then there are still others who find a way to stay in the public eye. A rare few for whom not competing on the field, the court or in the ring doesn't mean they're not still competing at that greatest game of all, life. 

Consider the post-wrestling career of the OG Diva, WWE Hall of Famer Sunny, in the form of her secret identity, Tammy Sytch. 

She hasn't let a little thing like the end of her professional career stop her from being the tough, aggressive, confident, badass warrior she was in the Squared Circle. 

Metro UK - Former WWE star Tammy Sytch has been arrested in New Jersey. The 47-year-old manager and ring announcer – who found fame in the 1990s and is widely regarded as the WWE’s first Diva – has been arrested by the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office on Monday on a number of charges. Official records show Tammy – listed as Tamara Sytch – has been charged with allegedly eluding a police officer, contempt/violation of a domestic violence restraining order, and operating a motor vehicle during a second license suspension. …

The Hall of Famer has been out on parole after previously being released from prison earlier this year. … 

Before her release earlier this year, Tammy had been in jail since March 2019 due to a parole violation. The parole was revoked in August after she didn’t finish the terms of her plea deal due to a number of DUI charges. … 

[T]he influential diva … was the most downloaded celebrity on the internet in 1996, according to America Online.

Here's the thing. While a person should not elude police, violate restraining orders, drive with a suspended license, pick up DUI charges or violate terms of a plea deal - and doing so would be a professional death sentence for most former athletes - do not weep for Sunny. This isn't a former Diva, she's a lifelong Diva, with all that implies. Tammy is a strong, independent, empowered woman, who came out of her last prison sentence more successful than ever before, as an Only Fans model and Cameo star:


According to Ringside News:

Even if every subscriber Sunny has signed up for the lowest subscription plan of $134.96 per 1/2 a year, her Only Fans is racking in $215,396 a year. If each of her subscribers is paying per month then she is making $287,184.24 a year.

And if you think that yet another stretch in jail is going to make Sunny somehow less attractive to her subscribers, then you know nothing about the nature of lonely, socially awkward virgins or the universal appeal of the Bad Girl archetype. I don't subscribe to any of those things and have only vaguely been tempted to send someone a Cameo for their birthday and never followed up. But if you think I'm not more attracted to the kind of female who, if we'd gone to school together, would've scared me into handing over my lunch money every day without ever even making a fist, you don't understand how men are wired. Why else do you think so many guys used to watch late night Cinemax movies about women's prisons and "Orange is the New Black" is such a hit? Because we like to watch people eat food off of metal trays?

So I hope Tammy Sytch gets out again soon and starts earning those fees again. The world is a more magical place with her not behind bars.