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There Is No Better Workout Motivation Than This Navy Seal Instructor Screaming His Dick Off

Truth be told I've stopped working out. I've come to terms with the fact that I'm not a hot guy and no amount of exercise is going to change that. I do, however, fire off a few pushups every couple of days to maintain my body weight otherwise I'll start to look terminally ill. It's the curse of fast metabolism. Having said that, I'm always looking for motivation. So when I came across a bunch of deleted scenes from an old Navy Seal BUDS show I was pumped. The videos are broken down by instructor are guaranteed to motivate even the fattest of the fat to work out. 

This guy is my favorite, Instructor Pastone...


You can tell he loves what he does. Calls everyone "studboy", makes fun of their names, gets in their faces when they slack off-  it's great. Just such a sarcastic prick. At one point he pulled a guy out the freezing water (12:32), asked him what six times three was and once he finally got the answer he called him a brain surgeon. 

I think everyone fantasizes about going into the military when they're younger, but after watching these videos I'm glad I didn't. I'm not cut out for it. I'm more like a Private Benjamin than anything else. Anyway here's the video…watch it when you work out and you won't stop. 

There are a bunch of other instructors HERE if Pastone doesn't do it for it. I promise every one of them will motivate you more than the guy at Barry's and it's all for free. Have a great day.