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Oh My God, Can You Guys Believe These Madden Ratings?


MILWAUKEE-Asked restaurant host: 

"God, did you hear about the Madden ratings?"

Host: "No."

Me: "Horrible. Dak and Wentz are both rated an 84 and Aaron Rodgers didn't even crack 90".

Thought he would cry….

Every single year it's the same exact thing. Madden ratings come out and the whole world collectively starts to shit in their own pants because their favorite player didn't get a 99 overall. 

"Oh my god can you believe how low they rated [insert player name here]? Madden continues to take L's!!!"


"How could [insert player on a rival team] possibly be rated higher than [insert player on favorite team]? Whoever is doing these ratings must be drunk!!!"

It's the same thing every. single. year. You get all these people crying about a rating in a video game, then they proceed to purchase said video game, then all the videos of the game glitches start to go viral, then everybody shuts up about it, then the new game comes out, rinse & repeat. Don't people get sick of this? Aren't people tired about crying over ratings yet? It's a video game, Greg. No offense to video games or anything, I know they've been having a moment over the last few years. But it's still just a video game.