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Little Kids Watch The New Star Wars Trailer And They Can't Even Deal



So much shit in their pants.  So much.  Full diapers  Those kids can’t even deal with what’s happening in that new Star Wars trailers.  They’re not even totally sure what they’re looking at but they know it’s awesome.  One of these days, I’m gonna say within the next 18 months, a trailer so awesome is gonna come out for a movie that kids heads are gonna start exploding.  Instead of the YouTube title being Little Kids Lose Their Shit Watching Movie Trailer it’ll be Little Kids’ Heads Literally Start Exploding All Over The Place.  It’s bound to happen.  At some point special effects have to reach a level where the brain of a human child can no longer handle it and BOOM!  Sensory overload leading to brain explosions.  We were close with the Star Wars trailer.  So very close.  You can see it in the kid’s faces.  They’re like, “Holllllllllly shit!  What is happening to my brain?!”  A few more scenes and it probably would’ve happened.  Soon.


PS- Safe to say a lot of adults also reacted this way.  Also with shit in their pants.