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Ever Seen A Piranha Eat A Frog? Yeah It's Pretty Awesome

Was looking for some new music to post as a wake up today, and I stumbled upon this dude who's entire youtube channel is him catching frogs and shit and feeding them to his pet piranhas. Now, I've never been one for blood. Call me a pussy (I am) but I just don't like the sight of.... anything.... getting dismembered and ripped apart. I couldn't even do the Saw movies growing up because nope. 

But a piranha live feeding? This piqued my interest. Thank god there wasn't any blood. But yeah if you've never seen a piranha eat and are into this kinda stuff, this one might be for you, just fast forward to 5 mins to get to the "good" part. He's got about a billion different piranha feeding videos too if you're into that kinda thing. Nature is still the shit and that's a stone cold fact.