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Johnny Depp Was Not "Covered In Ice Cream" Despite Reports

COVERED? I expected this man to be drenched in ice cream reading that headline. Head to toe like he just got slimed at Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. This? A minor spill at best. I've fallen asleep with dip in my mouth and woken up to worse scenes than this in the last week alone. If anything this picture is the most relatable Johnny Depp has ever been. Millions of dollars, barely enough money to make ends meet, we apparently all have our moments where we look like we just ran the Kentucky Derby after a few days of rain. Doesn't matter who you are, your status in this world, how many movies about pirates you've made, you can wake up with a puddle of cold goo on your lap and your hand tightly gripping the eight ball in your right pocket. Who amongst us hasn't been caught in such a position?