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This Dude Had A 0% Shot Of Ever Getting A Punch Off In This Fight


Yiiiiikes man! That was like some Dr. Strange 'slow-down-time' shit from my hero on the right hand side there! He saw homeboy in the t-shirt THINK about throwing a punch and decided he'll be eatin out of a straw for six to eight weeks because of it....

Hit 'em with the quick EXTENDO KICK! POW right in the kissah! 

Obviously, the outfits were a dead giveaway as to who was coming out on top from the jump here - as they usually are with this kind of video....

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 6.46.05 PM.png

One guy looks like a legitimate martial artist….and the other guy looks like he's on some kinda boot camp field trip. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he just stepped right up to the kumite like it was a carnival game given that performance, either. It was like the Joe Schmo version of Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin!

Just a hilarious video overall, though, that really goes to show ya that you gotta be careful with who you're messin with nowadays, because some of these people live in the god damn Matrix.