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Of Course Dwight Howard Was The Only Player In The Entire NBA Bubble To Show Up For A Pool Party With A DJ

[The Athletic] - “The first time I heard about the DJ thing was (Sunday),” Davis said. “Dwight (Howard) told me he was the only one there. I think, quite frankly, a lot of guys didn’t know about it. I know the NBA is trying to make this as comfortable as possible and as relaxing as possible for us, and just make everyone feel as home as possible.”

I've been laughing at this image for way too long than I care to admit. Why? Because it's too perfect. Dwight Howard being the only person in the entire bubble to show up for this DJ pool party, because of course it was Dwight. There's zero chance it would be anyone else besides Dwight. And it's true, there's something about this future Hall of Famer (yes, he's making the Hall of Fame) who has made $238 million that just goes out the window when you talk about him. 

He's a weirdo and I'm pretty sure everyone knows that. At least he got a 'Cancun Colada' slushie though. Not gonna lie, that sounds kinda refreshing if you're down in Orlando. Also pretty sure that would cost roughly $50 a drink in Disney World. Might not be a place in the world that's more overpriced than Disney and that includes stadiums. 

Let's be honest though. Dwight calling cornhole 'sack toss' is the craziest fucking thing he's ever done. I'm typically a don't give a shit what you call something person, but you can't and I mean you CAN'T call cornhole 'sack toss.' That's just an insane person move. Crazier than going to this party alone. How do you not leave when you notice not one other person there? Just wander around somewhere else man.