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Does This Look Like A Michigan Man Who Enjoys American Cars, The Detroit Lions And Having Sex With His Adult Daughter?

Farwell, Mich. (Source) – William Nokes, a 45-year-old Michigan man, was jailed Christmas day after he allegedly had sex with his adult biological daughter on at least three occasions. According to Michigan State Police, an investigation was launched last September when Nokes’ daughter filed a complaint alleging that she and her father had engaged in sexual intercourse while she was visiting him in Farwell over the 4th of July Holiday. The complaint was sent to the Mt. Pleasant State Police post in October, prompting them to interview Nokes. During the interview, Nokes reportedly admitted to having sex with his daughter on three occasions. Two instances were in Clare County and a third instance in Clinton County.

Armed with a confession, the prosecutor’s office filed charges and a warrant was issued for Nokes’ arrest. The warrant could not be served immediately, however, since Nokes was out of town on business. He was taken into custody on Tuesday night (Christmas Day) after he returned home for the holiday. Nokes was booked into the Clare County Jail and charged with three felony counts of criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree (incest). His bond has been set at $60,000. Investigators have not released details about the nature of the sexual conduct or why only one party was taken into custody. A preliminary examination of the case has been set for January 7.

4th of July! Sun! BBQ! America! Hot Dogs! Sex with your adult daughter!

What really throws me off here is the whole “Traveling for work” thing. Really? William Noles has a job, let alone one important enough that he has to actually travel and fill out expense reports and shit? I don’t know why but that just blows my mind. I want my incestual fathers to stay exactly where they are. Whether it be Michigan or Alabama or Florida, just stay in your dirty trailer or 1 bedroom ranch and fuck your daughters but don’t start integrating into regular society on business trips and shit. Real unsettling to think at some point you could have casually had a conversation at a hotel bar with a daughter fucker. You think you know someone. William Nokes, Michigan man, probably a Lyrnd Skynrd fan, probably drinks Budweiser, drives a Chevy, roots for the Lions and oh yeah on national holidays he likes to stick his penis in his adult daughter. Like I said, just real unsettling.

You know those Pure Michigan commercials. With serene sunsets, lakes, and beautiful snow in acres of woods? Yeah, not so much. Anyone who has ever been to Michigan knows that Pure Michigan is William Nokes. Long gross hair, permanently stuck in 1984, wispy mustache, daughter fucker, pure Michigan.