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A Former Louisville Hoops Player Is Organizing A Virtual NCAA Tournament With At Least 40 Players From Different Schools Playing For Money

[Source] - When the NCAA tournament was canceled in March, Akoy Agau was understandably disappointed. Aside from it being perhaps the greatest three-week spectacle in sports, the former Louisville big man would have seen his Cardinals earn a top-four seed on Selection Sunday.

But Agau also had an idea -- a virtual NCAA tournament. There have been computer and video game simulations done since March, but Agau had a different angle.

They reached out to players they had connections with, then went through college coaches and operations personnel to try to recruit players for the tournament. They ended up getting representatives from about 40 of the 68 NCAA tournament teams, including notable names like Kentucky's Immanuel Quickley, Maryland's Anthony Cowan, Penn State's Lamar Stevens and Florida's Kerry Blackshear.

Fuck yeah. I don't hate this idea one bit, even if it's in July. Why? Well we're getting guys who were actually supposed to play in the NCAA Tournament this past season and since they are all graduates or declared for the NBA Draft they are playing for $2,000. It's at least giving us something to watch in July. 

I'll be honest, I'm still not over the cancellation of the NCAA Tournament. I was firmly on the side of no way does this actually happen when the rumors started. I never thought we'd live in a world where the NCAA Tournament was fucking cancelled. So yeah, give me any sort of college hoops content I can get right now. It also doesn't hurt that Immanuel Quickley is silly at video games, so gonna chalk this up as Kentucky as the favorite again. 

And I'll give Agau and his company credit - they apparently made sure to cross reference every sort of stat so every team is what we'd expect. It's not like you're going to get a shooting guard out of nowhere that can't shoot, etc. We're going to see these guys playing as their actual teams with games starting on Wednesday. 

Just please don't ever cancel the NCAA Tournament again. I can't handle another March without it.