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An English Pub Installed An Electric Fence Around The Bar To Stop People From Getting Too Close To Bartenders

[Source] - The landlord of The Star Inn in St Just, Cornwall says the extreme measures were for "everyone's benefit" after punters continued to ignore the coronavirus guidelines. 

Along with a warning sign, the fully charged barrier stands around a foot away from the bar, insuring revellers don't crowd around as they wait to be served. Mr McFadden claims that the fence is usually switched off, but was quick to warn that: "It can be turned on"

Several boozed-up customers claim they were zapped by the fence on Saturday night after a few pints

What a fucking move. I don't hate it either. Why not? You're getting talked about and get more people in there. Shit, you gotta protect your employees so you install an electric fence. That'll teach people. Guarantee if you get zapped once by an electric fence you aren't going to close again unless you're Charlie Kelly

Feels like a win-win though. You can have people out to drink at a bar while also protecting your staff. If they cross the line, they get zapped. Almost want to say we need an electric fence at bars at all times. You get a little too out of control and stumbling into shit? You get zapped. You spill stuff and cause a ruckus? You get zapped. Kinda want to install one around my house now, not for my dog but for my kid. He gets too close to hitting his head on the coffee table again, bam a zap. 

Is this cruel? Maybe. But again, why not protect yourself here. In times like this, you gotta be willing to think outside the box. In this bars case it's an electric fence.