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This Brutal Story Is The Last Thing I Will Post About Tim Tebow Until Camp Unless He Turns Out To Be The Messiah Himself


Ignore the meatsticks talking about Chip Kelly’s ego. That’s neither here nor there. He signed a player in the off season, big whoop. But why aren’t I going to talk about a player that is going to need a miracle from God himself to make the roster? That’s why. This exact, brutally embarrassing story. The dude can’t hit the ocean from the beach. He currently has 3/1 odds to make the team. IT’S THE OFF SEASON AND CHIP IS JUST SEEING WHAT HE HAS. Therefore until he proves it he’s not getting any more of playtime on Barstool.

And for those of you thinking Tebow should get a chance (or conversely, think he’s not getting a fair shot) because he’s a goody two-shoes religious nutshit anal virgin, GTFO.