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Check Out The Weird, New Normal Scenes From Louisville, Where We Had A Pro Sporting Event With Actual Fans In The Stands

So yesterday we had what I believe is our first sporting event with actual fans in the stands since coronavirus shut everything down. It was a weird new normal that felt awesome to actually see. I don't care if it wasn't top tier soccer. I don't care if it was just 4,890 people. I'm dying for any sense of old normalcy in life. 

So they had fans in the stands because it was the opening of the new stadium in Louisville following social distance rules. Not sure how you social distance with 5,000 people, but they started with what I expect to see the new normal until there's a vaccine on how to enter a stadium: 

But fuck it, as long as people declare this is allowed and health is the obvious concern, give me anything like this. I'm dying for a sense of normalcy man. I know we're not getting that until there's a vaccine, but I'll take 20% capacity. It was weird watching these highlights and hearing actual cheering and not in the piped in noise. I actually haven't minded the pumped in noise that we've seen with Premier League/Bundesliga. But there's still something about the sound of a real crowd.