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Let's Normalize Home Run Celebrations


So over the weekend, Francisco Lindor took Mike Clevinger deep in an intrasquad scrimmage and then somersaulted (or shoulder rolled) over home plate. Laughs were had on both sides. No big deal. Benches didn't clear. The next pitch wasn't up and in. It was funny. It was fun. And they moved on. So why can't this happen all the time? 

You make a big play = you get to celebrate. Happens in football on every single touchdown. I mean, shoot, it happens on every single sack. Every single big hit. Every single pass breakup. It even happens on every single overthrown pass. The defensive back still lets you know how good he is even though the QB airmailed the ball 15 extra yards down the field. And then what happens? Both teams go line back up and run another play.

And the NBA is no different. Steph will shimmy after getting hot. Someone hits a corner 3? They turn and yell at the opposing bench. It's no disrespect. I mean, I'm not proposing that we allow baseball players to finger point like when Shawn Kemp dunked on Alton Liston, but can we have a little more fun here? In this shortened season where we're going to try a couple new things, how about we implement the homerun celebration? It can be anything from a monumental bat flip to the moon, to flips at home plate, to a nice little dance on your home run trot. 

And look, I'm not saying it should be free reign for batters to show up pitchers every single time they get a big hit, either. Pitchers should be just as welcomed to celebrate striking out the side or getting a big out. But the opportunity is there to make the game more exciting. Major League Baseball is obviously to blame for how they don't market their players well, but the players having sticks up their rear end aren't helping out either. Have a little fun. Celebrate homeruns without the fear of getting plunked in the head on your next time up. 

Side Note: PAY THE MAN. Does anyone else have this much fun playing baseball? And he's our best player on top of that. And he's a good looking, marketable guy. Give him whatever he wants. If our last season with Frankie Lindor is this shortened crap, ugh. I am not ready for my favorite player to be a New York Yankee.