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We've Got A Good Ole Fashioned 10 Person Pool Brawl On The Campus Of Texas Tech!

Well isn't that lovely. Nothing says Sunday Funday like beating the shit out of each other at the campus Leisure Pool! I'm sure their parents would be proud. This looked like one of those fights that started, like most fights, over absolutely nothing. Just look at the people involved. I mean this guy was literally grabbing people the second they came up from the water and sucker punching them in the face...


He may as well pack his bags now because there's no way he's allowed back on campus if security gets involved. Then you've got this guy who's choking people out from behind like he's some sort of bouncer...

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 9.39.32 AM.png

Not to mention this dildo who filmed the whole thing...


Chances are every one of these people was so drunk they don't even remember the fight but still, what a scene. White trash city.