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Duggs Downs Bama: LSU Gets Back in Win Column, Haters Furious

All it took was some time off. After being upset by Vanderbilt on Friday, Gus Duggerton and the LSU Tigers made their way back into the win column tonight after a 42-35 win over (10) Alabama.

While the LSU offense made plenty of headlines, it was actually the Tiger defense that started things off momentum-wise in Baton Rouge.

After that, we started to see some points. A LOT of points..

Despite the fireworks, the Crimson Tide hung around for the majority of the game. While Coach Duggs and LSU were never in true danger of losing it, Alabama was right there the entire time.

But with two minutes left in the game, LSU was up a score and had the ball. Just need to drain some clock out, right? Just in case you're new here, that's not the Duggs way. It will never be the Duggs way.

Sucks to be a Duggs hater tonight! The Tigers move up to No. 5 in the BCS rankings and 8-1 on the season. Next game is tomorrow (time TBD) against Ole Miss. We'll see you then.