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Twitter User Claims She's Already Been Invited To The NBA Bubble

This comes to us via ugly underscore Anna. Is it true? I did a little bit of research. 

We'll start with her pinned tweet. This would definitely get the attention of an NBA player, as it got the attention of me as well. That's because we are both males. 

Let's go to the location in her Twitter & Instagram bio: City of Angels. That translates to Los Angeles. That's a LONG way away from where the bubble is located. Tough start for Anna. I will say she has a pinned story on her Instagram that looks like it's from a trip to Miami, so she has been to Florida before. 

Let's go to her followers and following. She currently follows two basketball players. Unlike Anna, I will not snitch on them, but one is a current player and another hasn't played in the NBA for a little bit. The current player plays for the Cavaliers, who are not inside the bubble. 

That's about as far as my research will go. Anna could be lying, but the chances NBA players don't invite some ladies into the bubble? I'll say it's incredibly low. I'm expecting one or two stories from Woj Shams that relate to players sneaking in an IG model or two. An interesting move would be for an opposing team to set up another player to get caught. Imagine you're in a playoff series and you get the star player on the other team suspended for breaking the bubbles rules thanks to you setting up him getting caught? Would be the definition of THIS LEAGUE. 

Update (4:45 PM): THIS LEAGUE!